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Summer Sun

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   Summer Sun

Sitting in the summer sun
The heat warms the soul
Sitting reminiscing
Got no particular place go
life is all around me
The motion of the birds and bees
Is like heaven to me
Heaven to me

I lay out in an open field
Making faces out of the clouds
As they float on by I haven’t a care there just passing by

Summertime passes just like a dream
life slowly blowing along with the summer breeze

Trying to remember a time when life felt so full
When i hadn’t a care and the rain didn’t fall
And the rain didn’t fall

I lie here looking up at the clouds as they pass me by
Listening to the sounds of summer
I Taking time to realise,
That life ain’t so bad Through these hopeful summer eyes
As the summertime drifts by
As it all drifts by

Drifting like a cloud
My thoughts, go back in time
To the small child
Amazed by the sweet sunshine
My imagination, open wide
Muddy knees and dirty hands
Playing out in the young boys mind
In the young boys mind
Summertime passes quickly it all seems like dream
Try hold those memories of the sunshine and the breeze
The sunshine and the breeze


With out the summer time I’d never reminisc such times
Of laughing with my father
Who was with me, as a child
I watch the stories play out in my mind
In the sweet sunshine of the summertime
The summer time
The summertime
The summertime

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Johnny Stone said

Dig this very cool

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igor said

I listening to it. I flying away.

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igor said's like a breeze, warm enough, from the past, which warms. It's like those clouds that looked like elephants, or rabbits, or... Summertime, as it will be for someone, as it was for someone. And how it passed.

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Wildgeas Music said

Stylish man, just stylish :)

Guest said

Wow, this is wonderful! Vocal is stunning stunning stunning...

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Rog Hildreth said

Lovely stuff.

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Andrew Russe said

Woo - mighty cool.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Great song! What a crooner.

Guest said

A lovely song Reg! Gorgeous lyrics and such pretty music.