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Cherry Pie W/Bethan Mathis

Uploaded .

Bethan Mathis on Uke and Vocals.

Now we got some class!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Where are you Bethan? Let's hear a little of your great voice.

Gene Eric Mann's avatar
Gene Eric Mann said

No matter which version of this song I listen to, in my head I hear you singing "Come and get it!"

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great job dig this version too.Great uke and vocals Bethan

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Thanks Bethan for adding the *SPARKLE*

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Oh Cool! This is sweet!

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

this is just lovely!!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

As punch said to Judy " That's the way to do it"....

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Yup A tele for sure, Nice move way to pull the community card. You gotta know when to hold em.

Guest said

Oh Guys, thank you! This is my Uke debut so that's why it's not wonderful. Thank you Greg for letting me have a go! x

Guest said

I'll be right over. Nice collaboration!

Merry Bear's avatar
Merry Bear said

This version is sooo groovy! VERY GOOD JOB! "Come and get it" -- love it!

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Oh Bee, you found a great melody line for this fun-tastic tune. Tip of the hat Greg. I'm gettin' a real kick out of this project.

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Sweet Cherry Pie, oh my!

Guest said

Nice harmonies. Sweet Tune ! :) c

Guest said

Well I had the best time but I'm no Wildgeas! Thanks Greg! Cheers Bee

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Puts my back in the 50s. Recognized Bethan's sweet voice instantly.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Excellent contribution Bethan! The Uke is a fun surprise. Added to the Playlist: