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straining to maintain - by the psimians of mu

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[recorded in glorious 4-trak at lotek studios in the ’90s]

straining to maintain

straining to maintain a sense of dense intensity
vainly feigning pain of a spurious immensity
a furious refrain of precarious opacity
nefarious pretence of censorious ferocity
laboriously trained herds of words of plain mendacity
expressing less than nothing with a nauseous precocity
fastidiously piddling on pleasantry and paradox
it’s just a way of having fun

slurring worm-like words with slithering slithy writhing rhymes
turning learned terms into babbling brawling bleeding crimes
slothfully filling up a steaming vat of foaming sludge
slyly slipping slops onto a slick black slab of slanting stuff
intimidating bringer of a bitter imitation grudge
dignity defiled by a guilty ignominious bluff
carelessly incorporating chords of no great consequence
it’s just a way of getting done

nerdy nerdy ner, nerdy ner denerr dinerdiner
cherny che-erniferr, chernifurr nifurr niferrniture
lurgie burgerler, lurgie burger bhaji lager-blur
argie bargie berr, birdie hurdy-gurdy bass guitar
bogie bogie blow-sie no-osey, yogi bear & logie baird
phoney phobia balo- oney (or: fibia of feeble fable), boulevard & frididaire
yabba dabba doobie babba, gaga ga ga goo goo goo
groovy gravy booby baby, baba yaga boogaloo
romcom pompom pogo poopoo, toga tutu too
yo-yo hoodoo dodo you do, boho boo hoo hoo

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thetworegs said

Missed this thanks Igor for finding a track that wasn't lost....Reggea madness done so well Slugg.....

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igor said

Got it, made louder. From here, I slowly going mad, following your creativity. Or is it a cure? Or is the other side? But: the side of what? ~decided to go with the stream meandering thoughts ...