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Strip Joint Blues

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All about my business I just closed down. ‘The Strip Joint’, got myself a real job, employed & being paid !!!!! Mind you, most likely I’ll have the pants sued off me & I’ll end up a bankrupt……That’s life………..

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Gene Eric Mann said

That harmonica is SWEEEEET!

Guest said

great stuff!

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Roger M. Harris said

I know you guys are gonna hate me for this......Sorry guys, 'The Strip Joint' was a Paint Stripping company, I stripped Old Doors, Furniture etc, hence I'm poor..... not Tony Soprano !! Loved the comments, put a smile on my face.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

This is great the vocals...right up my alley.....we should have talked years ago...I used to manage strippers and a few ...ahem... working girls back in the late 80's and through the 90's ...well we all have to grow up sometime!!! outstanding job on this one....

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

To much.political.correctness for a proper strip joint operation nowadays. Sonewhere along the line someone thought that combining a steak house with a strip joint was wise. Boobs, beef, beer and a boner! Not in that order.

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Greg Connor said

Good song . . . Harmonica sounds good too. I like the talking part. I'm with Andrew. We should have had one last party, clothing optional.

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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Andrew Russe said

You had a strip joint?! And you closed the place down without inviting us all for a last (free) farewell party? Shame... lol Nice one. Love the groove.