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I got up nice and early this morning thanks to Seb ….so i got the acoustic out and came up with this one ….Don’t ask me why….
the innocence of a lie
the reason behind the why
the sigh of regret
at that moment of death

oh why

while were swimming in the torrent
in this whirlpool we call life
we don’t feel it sucking out
the sweet innocence of our life’s
we don’t realize we can’t swim
till were at the bottom with weeds
oh why

you don’t know who you are
till you don’t give a dam
you don’t know what you want
until it’s all gone
tell me why

i can’t remember
till i know exactly what it was
i don’t need
until i really want

i don’t know how i feel
unless i’m curled in a ball
i only know i feel small
when i feel really tall
i want to know why

why does innocence make want to cry

Merry Bear's avatar
Merry Bear said

Nice strumming style, interesting chord choices, cool vocal delivery, good lyrics -- an all-around fine composition. Good job -- Rock on!

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

Why!!!! Great track butty. Nice and organic sounding.

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Oh great groove!! Awesome vocal...

jadenames's avatar
jadenames said

y'all should give this one the 'Eye of the Tiger' treatment.....

Guest said

Ooo er Reg, cool stuff indeed! Cheers Bee

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Yeah..... Why not !!!!