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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what just happened. And then again it’s sometimes hard to figure out something that happened years ago.

(To answer the question by the commenter, that’s all me and my little self all alone in the basement with my toys and my voice…Butch is out somewhere posting pictures of the highway on FaceBook this morning…)

MAYBE - Key of G
James Michael Taylor

  1. Maybe I misunderstood G
    Maybe I was wrong C
    But I thot you loved me D
    You stayed so long G

  2. Maybe I missed something big
    Maybe I was blind
    But I thot you knew me
    After all that time

CHORUS - The moon is in its orbit Em
The sun is in the sky C Am
Without you, Baby C
Where am I? D

  1. Baby, I don’t understand
    You said it was for real
    (I gave you the) key to my heart
    That was the deal

  2. Maybe you misunderstood
    Maybe I’m not clear
    But I am nowhere
    When you’re not here
    C G
    BRIDGE - Baby, Baby, I’m nowhere
    C G D
    When you’re not here

CHORUS - The moon is in its orbit
The sun is in the sky
Without you, Baby
Where am I?

Maybe I misunderstood G
Maybe I misunderstood C Em
Maybe I misunderstood C
Maybe I misunderstood… G

© 2013 Royal T Music

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Great song!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

You really know how to tickle an emotion. I love it James!

Guest said

Love this!!!!!

Guest said

Nice arrangement. Luv all tha eclectic-electric G'tar-werk in tha track.. c):~)

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

relationships are so easy until we go and involve another human.

Guest said

good one!

Guest said

is that Butch on slide?