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don't remember this

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from the album “Sunny, sorta…”

Bethan Mathis w/Brian Bazeley, Paul Lennon Tess Savigear.

the queen on the bed is not breathing so well
better tell her mother, better call the doctor
the queen on the bed so lovely and white
I can barely see her, from this open window
erase these memories
only keep the brighter days
(don’t remember her like this)
only remember the smiles
the sunshine, her magical ways
(don’t remember her like this)
the queen on the bed with her crown on her head
pale beyond believing, wonder what she’s dreaming
the queen in her dress surrounded by flowers
trying not to cry, hoping she won’t die

Guest said

Hi kids, Your ole' Uncle Paul here just checking in on you. Hope all is well with all of you. Drop me a line sometime.

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thetworegs said

Beautiful vocal Bethan....Liking that backing vocal too...again loving the vibe it's giving....

Guest said

Well done.