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by igor


She hides her heart

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With words by Brent Kinder, and piano by Igor.

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thetworegs said

What a great combo

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Reefwalker said

well, Im late to this party. Delicate and beautiful. like the faded vox bit too. subtle, but im sure i didnt imagine it, haunting a bit

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Norm said

Mesmerizing. Well, there is no hiding our hearts from you Savage, because you just tore them all out with this one. Great lyrics and Igor nailed it.

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Gary Fox said

Brilliant and beautiful!

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Colleen Dillon said

Oh my..... your vocals are so amazing. and the rest of the song... just ethereal and leaving me wanting more. Well done all!!!!!!! A total favorite!

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slkrell said

The change at 1:19 was both brilliant and haunting. You all moved me ,thank you.

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Radio Roswell said

This is just beautifully dark and haunting. Love the chords.Tori Amos meets Heart.Yeah, this is getting favorited for sure.

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vaisvil said


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angie fights crime said


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Mac McIntyre said


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Andrew Russe said

Well that's rather yummy

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igor said

Well, you sparkle like a diamond as always, Tessa!

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Bethan Mathis said

OMG I think I died and went to Heaven. Love the lyric Brent. Igor, wonderful touch. Babe, what can I say - gorgeous, like you.