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i can hear the digits - by simeon psimian

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i can hear the digits in your digital audio
i feel the need to fidget with my mouse and my moby
i’m listless as i listen to prestigious presentations
of manipulated data and prestidigitation
i type unlisted numbers into my communicator
i’m dubious now and i’ll be dubious later

everyone’s an island in the river of denial
carried on the current of a torrent of conflation
a currency of promises and swift confabulation
everybody loves their own misrepresentation
the gravediggers’ training centre’s growth’s above inflation
but the gravy train remains standing still at the station

i didn’t mean to kiss you in the middle of the forest
i was there to swap secrets with dorothy and boris
we spoke in an object focused language
i fed my psychosis a smoke-screen sandwich
the chariots of fire were duly torched
but the streetcars of desire didn’t even get scorched

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Merry Bear said


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thetworegs said

Wonderfully worded slugg..........

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jip said

Love it! Nice one.

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Tipu said

Syd Barrett's returned :O Really, really good.

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Some guy called Doug said

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