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Stairway (LitC)

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Another live in the cellar….with a little borrowing from Zep…Stairway a song about a beautiful lady who gets old…

I’ve been told the long legged women ain’t got no soul
but that ain’t gonna stop her finding her goal
She’s living hard to find that stairway to heaven

She’s been told all that glitters may not be gold
And there’s no one there she can pay to stop getting old
But thats not stopping her from climbing that stairway to heaven

She’s takes no prisoners she’s breaks hearts
She hasn’t cared for no one right from the start
All she’s wanted to do is climb, climb those stairs to the stars

Inside she’s cold, lonely too
She wants love but she’s so scared of you
She don’t know what to do, apart from head for those stars


In a tree by the brook
There’s a songbird who sings
That all our thoughts are lies
And all our wants are mis-given
Everything about us is untold
And our truth will finally unfold

Ooh and it makes her wonder
Ooh how it makes her wonder
Oh how it makes her wonder
oh yeah she wonders

There is a voice that echos, the laughter of her youth
It leads her on to what she ’s trying to find
Its only thing she realizes, she needs to give her life

Her long legs her, her beautiful face
Are ravaged by time and it’s god disgrace
But she finally found her way and starts to climb those stairs to the stars

She’s finally learned to accept it all
She’s no longer looking for that answer to it all
Shes just living her life and finding that the life she has is full

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igor said

He, in turn, just singing all his life before. And found that the life he had was not yet full... Time for the stairway to.

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Colleen Dillon said

Just nothing but WOW! Amazing. Your vocals are so awesome.