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Je suis contente dans ma peau

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A saucy little ditty from the Jip and LJ laboratory. The first thing I’ve sung for 3 weeks (been resting a very strained voice - eek!)

I’m having a party, I’m inviting everyone
There’ll be much frivolity, booze flowing, so much fun
I may not keep my clothes on, if that’s not so bleu, because
Je suis contente dans ma peau

So c’mon to the party, since you all have been invited
It’s really getting started, I’m a little over-excited
It’s going to be incredible, I’m particularly sher, because
Je suis contente dans ma peau

You can bring your bottles, and I’ll present the food
Get this beat machine ignited, I’m just in the mood
To be dancin’, singin’, lovin’, let’s not forget the liqyer, because
Je suis contente dans ma peau

Nothing’s too much trouble, over here for your French kiss
Joining friends to love the night away fills me with bliss
I’ll take care of all your deep desires, you’ll be delighted, monsieur, because

Je suis contente dans ma peau
Je suis contente dans ma peau
Je suis contente dans ma peau
Je suis contente dans ma peau

With apologies to any French speakers… a French-speaking friend said it was a little odd :)

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Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

Zut alors! c'est tres cool!

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Roger M. Harris said


James Unson's avatar
James Unson said

weird but it good

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah... like it :-)

markgoldsack's avatar
markgoldsack said

Tres bien our kid. Je suis contente avec cette chanson (?) Do one in Spanish next!

Mike Daish's avatar
Mike Daish said

Happy song :)

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

*Happy Music* I was smiling all the way through!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Bravo. ;)

FDR's avatar
FDR said

Lovely,makes me want to clean windows or something!