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by Djörk


Entering The Path

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…with light emerging among the old branches, and staring at the nought.

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epimeison said

Hehehe.. another miniature Mov! I also think it's too short. And simple, btw. Thanks!! p.s.: may be i should finish my never ended +20 minutes nylon guitar version of 'Shine on you, Crazy Diamond I-IX' as well... i guess i will, sooner or later.

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Movement To Contact said

Maybe when it really warms up there we will see an epic 10 minute ballad. :) I could go for about 20 more minutes of this song.

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epimeison said

Thank you very much Route!

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epimeison said

Thanks Mmi!!

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epimeison said

..or wheter to come? Thanks Igor!

Guest said

Too nice to be way too short.........

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mmi said


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igor said

~The light streaming through the branches of an old tree, and goes down the path. Whether to go? ~