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Djörk's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Djörk


Black Widow

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featuring Mathias Kom on trumpet, horns and backup vocals

Black Widow

Black Widow don’t hesitate
Lock the door, draw the shades
In your web I have been caught
Not enough to fill you up

Leave me a skin
A shell of the man that I was
Black Widow

From the first bite I was enthralled
Your poison flowed through my heart
An appetizer I’ve become
Not enough to fill you up

Say what you will
I won’t, I won’t be yours
Black Widow

Guest said

Mathias?! That's awesome!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

congratulations - this is my as yet unborn daughters favourite! good work!

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Orphans said


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angie fights crime said


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Vegetable Man said

wow...awesome album this year...really rich throughout...i always look forward to hearing what you guys are going to come up/out with...

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Dirty Spirits said

you guys set a high standard for rock bands doing this free music stuff. now this. amazing!