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This traditional Cuban rhythm is the well established “go-to” pattern for 4/4 songs. It is perhaps the most commonly heard conga pattern in 4/4 music. The bongo pattern that accompanies the congas is referred to as “martillo” (the hammer).

It works well!

Work it!

Work it like a red-headed step child!

Defender Of The People's avatar
Defender Of The People said

it duz work well.. jus done a turn around the room.. worked it all the way. :)

Guest said

Like where this goes-hypnotic rythm, really hits the chakras. Enjojed Al

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kirklynch said

Another beautiful beat man!

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Wildgeas Music said

I used a hammer on a drum once. Once.

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Wildgeas Music said


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Wildgeas Music said

The doctor of style is in. Did I hear a triangle in there?

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hojorising said

Norm, you Rock and you know a Hell of a lot about Conga Music! I will need your Skills on future tracks if you'd allow me the honor....

Guest said

Well, red headed Bee loves it!! So will my red headed grand daughter, like me, she likes to work it too!

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Richard Hardrick said

:) now I am playing guitar, over this rythm, and I like it!!!!

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Movement To Contact said

Sweet! Can't stop listening to this one!

Guest said

Hammer it down Norm, as usual i love your percussion jams.

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Orphans said

rattle your cans...pots n pans...c'mon and clap your hands!

Guest said

*sits back and waits for the games to begin* This is awesomely inspiring, Mr Beats.

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Dave Berry said

And I'll say it again.....excellentt

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Dave Berry said

Excellent Norm

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Dave Berry said


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Reefwalker said

hammer time! lots if different instruments here. cool tune

Guest said


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Rick Phillips said

oh yeah, got my feet tappin and head bobbin!!

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richardlaceves said

very neat...

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thetworegs said

It's working me boss it's working me "................

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vaisvil said

or the seventh son of a seventh son! My bass is looking at me :-)