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Improv 1 12 2 2012

Uploaded .

More ambient experimentation with my fretless guitar and Roland GR20. This time I used some sounds from the magnetic pickups as well as the midi pickup. Kind of a cheesy synth patch I know, but it was working for me!

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informal grae said

Very atmospheric, sense of awe and sense of wonder - lovely flow to the drama - G:)

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Din said

Excellent. Reminds me of Vangelis off of Blade Runner, and that's not cheesy ;)


You make a cool sound.

Guest said

his good

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Didn't sound cheesy to me. Besides, I was very drawn to old-skool patches when I could do it on my kurzweil. This is a beautiful and relaxing piece and didn't 'feel' like five and a half minutes. Much enjoyed.

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Speed Demon said

Here is a soundtrack for a syfi movie. Well done.

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yyz123 said

nice stuff and thanks for the comment on eternal love

Guest said

I like it I imagine some ancient instruments or don't get me wrong a korg kronos

Guest said

I dig it!

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Dave Berry said

Oh yeah, thats an improv all right. I feel all weird from listening, like time is going backwards or something. Spooky sounding almost.

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epimeison said


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Djörk said

sounds nice! praise cheeses.

Guest said

Excellent ambiance man. Everything blends perfectly.

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Movement To Contact said

Need to add that cheese to a cheese sammich. Cool stuff Kirk. Some interesting sounds you are pulling out of that instrument. Me like.

Guest said

Works for me too, beautiful depth of sound.

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Breaking Light said

Love this new sonic direction you've taken. Keep on!

Guest said

How did I miss this. I am wraped in sound

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Reefwalker said

cool ambiance, the lead peering up sounds floydish

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

That synth guitar can be addicting but when you find something that feels right its hard not to go with it. This is awesome.

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Wildgeas Music said

nothin' cheesy here. Roland makes great patches. I'm wondering if you can use both midi and magnetic pickups at the same time?

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These Metal Days said

Rich, full-figured...mellow...soundscape

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Rick Phillips said

thanks Kirk! All the best to you this holiday season!

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FDR said

Very nice! made me :)

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Greg Connor said

Etherial and thought provoking. It gives me that sense of drifting. I think Sister had the idea . . . *"Filmscore!"*

Guest said


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richardlaceves said

my my,, what a guitar can do these days!,, love it,, very full/rich piece

Guest said

$ -)

Guest said

Cool tones.

Guest said

Great sounds, very experimental

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another cultural landslide said

Just blown away. Kirk, this is wonderful! WOW! w;-)

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kauaikta said

Wow - really cool