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by Djörk


Pulsewidth Payload Dumpster

Uploaded .

I stumbled across a sample I took of a cd skipping, which is the base rhythm/pulse track for this.

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Djörk said


Guest said

Ha, who would have thought of that! Pretty and fascinating!

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Trevor Lewis said

Some of these sounds reminded me of U2's Zoo Station, where they intentionally wanted people to think their stereos were broken... although you track in this case sounds a lot more organic... nice work.

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kavin. said

my work friend just said, "Star Wars!"

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Jeff Duke said

bad ass tune man!

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done mate.

Guest said

ooo :3 cool bro. I really dig this :D

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kirklynch said

Very interesting!

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

That's a nice burble you got there, mister. I like what you did with it. :)

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Movement To Contact said

Awesome, i love how you made us of the cd skipping. Very sweet concept.