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Hang'em High (Cover)

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I know, you think I’ve completely lost it. This is actually a cover tune. Originally done by Wall of Voodoo around 1979. I did it from memory and ear, so I’m not sure if I got the notes or the Key right. It don’t matter though, It was fun.
I’m not happy with the Good, Bad, and the Ugly theme just yet. I wanted to try a harmonica, but I don’t have the right key. I might work on it.

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Djörk said

nice work :) I love old spaghetti western tunes! is your gb+u cover finished yet?

Guest said

I was only thinking of this film the other day,spooky.Cracking good version and thanks for commenting on "The Sidecar Saga".It's good to break your duck,both ways,so to speak.Oh, that's a cricketing term which means to get your first run.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I don't know how i missed this!!!! Awesome!! Pro job bro!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest said

beautiful piece of clothing!!! J.S. Tolar

Guest said

Dude! I love your tee! :-D

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Reefwalker said

I bought that album! I remember this song via your rendition. Groovy flashback

Guest said

Ha ha hang to em all, this is great fun Paul.

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Soar said

Nice work..I can taste the spaghetti!

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mmi said

This'll be on a Mexican Radio soon. Nice stuff.

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Gumbo said

I'm on this like a cop on a minor traffic infringement!! Great cover! this is right up my street/prairie. Y'know Wall Of Voodoo themselves were covering this theme from the Clint movie? Perhaps Jackie Mittoo's reggae version was the first cover?

Guest said

Wall of Voodoo is one of my favourite bands of all time! :-) Love this crazycowboy stuff!

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kirklynch said

HAHA! Complete with the clip clop of horse hooves. How cool is that!

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sixmilewide said

Great stuff Geas, you really have mastered this cowboy theme!!

Guest said

Friggin great!!! Really enjoyed it!

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Johnny Stone said

Hey man this is cool good job.

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launched said

"I'm on this like a fat kid on cake." - IAA Still chuckling over that!! :)

Guest said

cool stuff!!!

Guest said

I'm on this like a fat kid on cake.

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launched said

Ha! I'm on this like a cop on a donut. First!! This rocks, so don't worry about a thing, bro!