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after the quake

Uploaded .

View the footage with music at youtube

After watching the video of the tsunami devastating the shores of Japan, I couldn’t work anymore. So instead I sat down to dedicate a few hours of my effort and energy to those who are affected.

Best listened to on headphones. It’s a mood/texture piece.

Named after a book by my favorite author, Haruki Murakami

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Gene Eric Mann said

Wow. This one got under my skin and found its way to my heart and yanked hard on the strings. FABULOUS!

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EMO Adi said

Very atmospheric music you have here and a great music site. No adverts and a real online community of creative people.

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bitterwind said

Beautiful. Really love all the evocative sounds. Would be a good song for a video.

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issleneandleo said


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CMOR said

This is nice, all the subtle layers! With the title, it causes me to introspect and rise to a new level of awareness... Thanks!

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swangsong7 said

Very mellow soundtrack almost new age sounding like it abunch . relaxing .. regards NEIL

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Johnny Stone said

Beautifully done mate great job.

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Message She Gave said

This is just great.

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corbinSound said


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Drop D said

Thanks for this. I live here on Mt. Fuji and lived through the've captured the feeling of the experience well...the awe...the helplessness...the trepidation...

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twirretwarre said

Strong, powerfull music, Sudara. Watched the video, so sad to realize how many lifes stopped here and many that saw them ruined. Not forgetting also nature and animals!

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SuperChris said

Ethereal. Beautiful. Captured the mood of the world.

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Pilotless Drone said

Really enjoying this sound

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James Michael Taylor said

I think the world changed on that day. This is very evocative. This piece could be called Alone Tones. PS...where did the name AloneTone come from?

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..yes; thanks, friend.

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odh said

Moving piece. The shear weight of personal tragedy is overwheling and your music somehow seems to connect with it.

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oldrottenhead said

combined with the video footage this is powerful and moving. in fact it is powerful and moving without the footage.

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Tjoppy said

Great atmosphere!

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igor said

Weep for those who were not, for those who left us and those who are just arriving. ~This time Superfrog will not save~

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A Bit More Better Productions said

powerful. haunting.moving. brilliant.

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thetworegs said

An excellent piece of heart felt music especially when heard with the video makes the images more human...

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Dave Berry said

Deeply felt music

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twirretwarre said

I can hear your feelings, good expression! I don't want to watch your video about it, it hurts too much.

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Wildgeas Music said

Video works for me. Well done man. I saw on vid with cars and boats going over a water fall. Looking closely, I could see one car with a person in the back seat, banging on the rear window as the car rolled over the falls. It was horrific.

Guest said

I like what you're saying here, Su'. Also: I listened to the piece without the visual/video and Heard so much... Really rich medley---

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Sudara said

@Andrew I think I know what you mean. With the rate that information travels these days, I often find it hard to internalize and/or find a space to truly process and "feel" each event. Are we humanly capable of doing so? On top of that it's hard to hear my own true feelings and reactions above the chatter of the media, friends, etc. The footage this music was made for hit me hard. At the same time I was really annoyed with the announcers wanting to explain what was going on. I need silence when viewing something like this, a human talking over this footage is irreverent and shameful to me. Does that make sense? I made this piece of music because this is my silence, or put another way, an example of sound that hopefully respects the image by pulling the watcher in, giving them space to feel what this means and not babbling in their ear.

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Andrew Russe said

An emotional and, I found, disturbing listen. I have to admit, news stories and footage of things like this often tend to pass me by, I seem not to get emotionally involved. I sometimes wonder why this is but I have no proper answer. I do get affected by some news stories, but not usually the big ones like this. My wife has been upset, but I've been left cold again on this one, until now. Listening to this piece has opened it up slightly for me, making it more... I don't know what... Many thanks for making this and posting it.

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richardlaceves said

very well done, emotional for an emotional time

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Mr Sandbags said

I've just been watching - in some awe - footage of the moment the tsunami struck part of the coast. I think this music captures my feelings quite well.

Guest said

Moody and perfect to accompany a video of the disaster. Also makes for quiet reflection. Tastefully done, love the pipe. The headphones are a must.

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Djörk said


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Reefwalker said

what a horrible thing to happen. The piano sets the sober tone well, with subtle samples in the background really make this piece.

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henky said

very moving music. you can feel a state of shock in this piece. nature can be amazingly beautiful, sometimes brutal, always powerful!

Guest said

sounds like the jungle coming to eat us

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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely beautiful! You can taste the soul of this piece. Brilliant! Are hearts are filled with sadness, & pray for all of those efFected by this disaster... w;-)

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Lord Sluk said

great piece

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said


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Sandy Gritt said


Guest said

Dark tune for a dark day. Quakes will probably run along the rim of fire for sure so take notice.Cali will get hit in a day or two.Mexico also.

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Rick Phillips said

Couldn't have been a better inspired piece of music to go with those video images from Japan.

Guest said

Really great.

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mmi said

Haunting and beautiful tribute on this sad day.

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vaisvil said

and - poor Japan.

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vaisvil said

nicely done