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The Melon Collies

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What can I say? I just always feel this way this time of year. Done with the Goodall fitted with a Sunrise pickup and the usual toys and loopers.

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Love all your music, Kirk Lynch.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Another fine piece of music! Volume pedal and e-bow? Not sure, doesn't matter anyway. Sounds so open and spacious. Love it...

igor's avatar
igor said

Sunrise Pickup, indeed:)

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

Winter nostalgia very well made!

Guest said

This does sound great. In headphones it's a ride... nice one.

Guest said

So crisp and chilly. Love the melody! Time to roast chestnuts on the fire! Cheers Bethan

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Sweet track man. You make that Goodall sing.

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Justin Otter Guy said

Gorgeous. Fantastic. Very wintry -- perfect for the present season!

Guest said

Cool effects.

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Len Sasso said


Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Incredible. Love the reverse swells. Beauty.

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Absolutely gorgeous piece, Kirk! w;-)

mmi's avatar
mmi said

I know the feeling. And you capture it well.

Breaking Light's avatar
Breaking Light said

Beautiful piece, and plaintive mood.

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

nice toys and wonderful play,, excellent!

epimeison's avatar
epimeison said

Beautiful piece, Kirk, as usual! Really nice deep sounds here.

Jason Earls's avatar
Jason Earls said

Poignant stuff, well done!

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

You sure can handle a looper

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Wow Kirk, Really fills my speakers, Really like that tight sound

Djörk's avatar
Djörk said

beautifully done!