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Uploaded .

With music written and performed by Soundsmith Kamachi.

It was the last day of RPM and he asked me to write a lullaby for a track called Cornucopia. Very much enjoyed how easily this one flowed. That’s my mum, Bee Mathis, adding class to the backing vox.

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slkrell said

Wow the Vocals are at once symphonic and hauting

Guest said

You're giving me delicious chills

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Diogo Jordan said

ohhh, this is great! like walking on clouds!

Guest said

Love this one! Great tunes, all of them!!

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Wildgeas Music said

Mellow down easy...

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Brett Warren said


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Endicott Road said


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ostiaryband said

Beautifully done!

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slkrell said


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A Bit More Better Productions said

Thanks for the comment on caligraphy butt.. as a friend of mine once put it 'its like cbeebies on acid'! This however is beautiful and utterly bewitching. A bit special that one.

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Gary Fox said

That's a nice piece of wonderful right there. Excellent work both of you!

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thetworegs said

Beautiful as always .....good to see back!!

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Breaking Light said

Lovely. Cool processing on the vocals.

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Djörk said

nice one! super-chill :)

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Roger M. Harris said

Let's hope everybody chills out to this.... might make our world a better place eh.

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Andrew Russe said

:) x

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vaisvil said

indeed - lovely. I expect a sabbath cover - nicely surprised.

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kirklynch said

Fabulous! Nice to hear that voice around here again!