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by Djörk


Frequency Order

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had a few changes throughout this project, breaking my head and shedding some sweat but hey, there’s plenty of free time so what the hell!

Added some hard electronic metal halfway.
The vocal samples is a real television broadcast about propaganda during the Cold War Era.

markus4lonetone's avatar
markus4lonetone said

I really like the string section in that one. Interesting combination to have that driven beat with the metal part in the middle with a completely unconcerned transcendend string section in the back ground.. Resident Evil meets Heaven? ;)

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slkrell said

Hey that’s really a grabber more please

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Andrew Russe said

Wowsers. That's BIG. Well worth the effort and head breaking! I wouldn't have been able to appreciate this so much a few years back... but now, yeah, just wow. Nice one.