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This is a Phil Keaggy tune. I swiped his original loop and then built my own thing on top of it. Might have been longer, but my volume swell effect keeps slipping out of sync with everything else. May work on it more at a later date

Guest said

Waiting for you in New Mexico!

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Another download. You should be selling these.

Guest said

love this

Guest said

Peace is what i need...thx

mmi's avatar
mmi said

Way too many icicles this winter... but your track warms.

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Beautiful work Kirk, as always!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

This stopped me in my tracks . . . absolutely beautiful.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said


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Gary Fox said

Great sounds, great piece! Is that a volume pedal I hear? Excellent all around, Kirk! Cheers, Gary

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richardlaceves said

most beautiful Mr. L. your play and recording are so wonderfully clear, the notes are bright and beautiful,, a happy beginning to this new year r

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slkrell said

Excellent melody line never predictable yet so right

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Nice and crispy clean. Sweet track man.

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Jason Earls said

Beautiful progression, acoustic tone is amazing, love the volume swell melody.

Guest said

cool improvising!

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epimeison said

Beautiful piece my friend. Always a pleasure listen to your stuff. Have a nice 2014!

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dougsparling said

Nice! And reminds me that I really need to dig up Acoustic Sketches someday...

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Lovely, pure acoustic sound. Holy. Wow.

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

Very well done Kirk!

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Cave Street said