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by Djörk


Don't Fear the Forest

Uploaded .

Two ambient guitar tracks recorded independently and stick together. I broke my rule of not using distortion on a BL piece, for the first time, believe it or no.

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Djörk said

very cool. this is what the aurora borealis sounds like.

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vaisvil said

this sounds fantastic!

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Movement To Contact said

Congrats!!! You have just won an M.T.C Music award!!! AWARD: Most innovative guitar

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mmi said


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oldrottenhead said

wow, what a great soundscape you have created here. and both guitars recorded independently of each other. am i correct in understanding that you recorded each track without listening to the other? wow! wow! wow!

Guest said

Intense flavours!

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kirklynch said

Nice! I find the distortion to be very affective in this one. Great textures