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Cobalt Blue

Uploaded .

Kinda rough. I’m uploading this mainly to share a guitar technique I’ve been working on. I’m wearing a slide on my picking hand and using it to alter pitches in single line phrases. There’s a lot more can be done with this technique that I’ve not yet explored. Didn’t like any of the available slides so made my own from a piece of bronze bushing material

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Movement To Contact said

Came back to this one again...still amazing....

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slkrell said

Cool idea,

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Cool approach....i like the singing quality to the lead....bending alot of notes....less is more.

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Greg Connor said

That is some very smooth playing Kirk.

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Movement To Contact said

Still one of my very favorites.

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Buck Erpestad said

Great technique, love the feel of it.

Guest said

good stuff!!

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The Jacob Edgar Cooke Band said

very cool playing, love the bends where you let the tone blossom and then fade

Guest said

Nice tune man. You always play well and creatively - but I have always loved the way you played the blues - you really have the heart and soul in it - something you can't be taught. Really enjoy your stuff. JunctionPA Tom

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Movement To Contact said

You deserve it :) good to hear from you Kirk!!

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Movement To Contact said

Congrats!! You have just won an M.T.C music Award!!! AWARD: Most Innovative Guitar Technique 2011

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Movement To Contact said

It's not a bad tuning. I have been stuck on 1/2 step down for a while now. You lose a bit of the tone, but it makes for a good dirty sound. My Jackson likes the tuning, but the strat copy and my les paul copy don't. I usually keep one of my acoustics and the strat in open G, the other acoustic in drop D, jackson in half step down high and low e to d, and my other electric in standard. Just run the whole spectrum of easy tunings lol.

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Permanent Tourist said

Love your stuff, but when will there be something new?!?!? Grrr . . . . :)

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crackitopen said

great licks...moving

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another cultural landslide said

Soulful & sexy! Excellent! w;-)

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Andrew Russe said

Lovely sounds. I can't figure out how you're using the slide on the picking hand - or I can't here where it might be in use... but just as a piece of music and playing this is beautiful.

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GONeil said

Very Nice, the sounds sure create a nice story and feeling in ones mind. Thanx for sharing, "G"

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Geir said

wow !! that was an amazing listen !! cool technique that you sure master !!

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Lalo Oceja said

nice and smooth... amazing sound

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Roderick McTainsh said


Guest said

Very very cool!! Great playing!

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yahondu said

I like the sustained feel on this one - and the melodic integrity - just perfect blues!

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OHHO said

Sweet tone on that guitar! Nice.

Guest said

Really nice work!

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thetworegs said

This mix's well with red wine Merry Christmas

Guest said

:) me like

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Permanent Tourist said

This is very good. P.S. I'd really love to hear you do something with a heavier Sabbathy/AIC-type riff underneath.

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Permanent Tourist said

I like when people sneak in 9th's and diminished whatchamacallims . . . fingers in strange places + cool solo = awesome song.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Very emotional in its own way. Those added "bends" tell a story about being blind-sided and trying to maintain composure in a topsy-turvy world. could just be a demo of a new technique. ;)

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vaisvil said

I 2nd the request for a video. I'm assuming you are pushing the slide off the bridge toward the neck - correct? I've net ever heard of someone putting the slide on the picking hand before - but it sure sounds great!! Beautiful piece of work here Kirk!!

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, don't know much about guitar technique on a personal level,,, but i really like this,,, thanks

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lumberfork said

Awesome. I hadn't read the description and couldn't figure out what was going on here. Very David Gimour in both tone and quality. Would love to see a glimpse of what you're doing.

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Movement To Contact said

So nice i had to listen your guitar sounds sweet in this one

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Wildgeas Music said

That is really cool. Your gonna make millions. Let me know when they are ready for shipping.

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igor said

Blues Guitar for Christmas as a metaphor for saying farewell to the outgoing something (sound cool, eh?). P.S. Nothing to do with my favorite Michael Brook album with the same title - Cobalt Blue. ~bronze bushing~

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Gilbert Neilson said

Super song and technique!!!!!

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kauaikta said

Very cool!

Guest said

Sounds awesome.

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Djörk said

so good! and that's why you're a pro :)

Guest said

What a sound, this is Awesome Kirk!

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Dave Berry said

fantastic sound here. true tone, true expression

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice Kirk....i'm a little confused on the technique....are you placing the slide on your..say...ring finger and still picking or are you holding the slide? You don't have to give up your secret if you don't want to, just curious ;)

Guest said

Not sure I understamd the difference or distinction that you are making between sliding and forgive me ..sliding...but hey it's not rough is smooth as silky and I suppose the similarity to a certain Charles' sound must be nodded at.Great work,much respect . Chris Jarvis. Merry Christmas.

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Norm said

Here's to the ingenuity to customizing the tool to work for you, rather than the other way around. Sounds really great!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Nice tones!!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...Nice stuff senor; thanks so much for ye generous listening - on all levels!

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thetworegs said


Guest said

Ha, not bad for kinda rough. I 2nd the Sister's comment!

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marc said

Cool! I'm glad you put it up!

Guest said

I just invented a word for you, Kirk. "Bloohsy"

Guest said

"Didn't like any of the available slides so made my own from a piece of bronze bushing material." You are the coolest.