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by Djörk


Second Sun Out

Uploaded .

I really wanted to play this one nicely, but every time i pressed ‘record’ and started to play, i made a mistake… so, after many tries i just decided left it like this (for the moment, at least…)
I hope you like and/or enjoy this one.

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epimeison said

Thanks sister!! You are so kind..!

Guest said

Sonic massage! Ethereal and comforting.

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epimeison said

Thanks igor! Yes, i agree with you about spontaneous playing.

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igor said

Recording is always difficult. For example, I always keep one of Logic ON and it writes and writes ... But always ready. And I do not think about to press record and stuck. Spontaneous playing sometimes better, more natural.

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epimeison said

Thanks kirk!

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kirklynch said

What a beautiful piece!

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epimeison said

Thanks Bethan..! I'm uploading it again, with a more 'pure' sound, with some less effects and a different equalization... i didn't feel comfortable with the sound it has before. May be i record it again one of these days... Thanks again!

Guest said

Ahh, it's really pretty - tooo short!