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by Djörk


Dark side of the sun

Uploaded .

just decided to with the GR-55 and this came out , vocal and lyrics done on the fly

Guest said

sweet stuff.

Guest said

Captivating sounds! Vocals on the fly?! Woah!!

Guest said

Wanted to hear this again one of ur best so far. in my opinion ..great stuff. keep sharing. cheers NEIL !

Guest said

Cool tune and mixing you did here. On my stuff as you asked about, i just use Audacity to record and mix a base track to jam with , then add guitar with my line 6 ux2. Line 6 has new HD model out, see if i can find a link.

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Johnny Stone said

Wow top track mate and thanks for your comment mate. I dig this great track.

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Wildgeas Music said

Amazing vocals - 1st class tune

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Movement To Contact said

Awesome. Job well done.

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oldrottenhead said

jings crivvens and help ma boab that is awesome shades of olias of sunhollow meets syd barrett but still totally original. sounds great on my pc monitors gonna stick it on the piepod to compare. fmgwabp

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous track!

Guest said

Golly, this is stunning. Love your vocal and wonderful background sounds. Sounds like bubbling water.

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thetworegs said

This wonderful Rob....what a great atmosphere you've created ....