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On Wikipedia I read this about the great jazz pianist Bud Powell: “…his solos could be heard to emulate the horn players’ attack — with the use of frequent arpeggios punctuated by chromaticism,” so the first thing you hear is a lick that uses chromaticism followed by an arpeggio that I harmonized. Then I just went into a bunch of riffs that use chromaticism and built the rest of the track from there.

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Justin Otter Guy said

There should be a Wikipedia about you, one of humanity's greatest guitar shredder of all times.

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kirklynch said

Damn! If I could shred like that I'd never leave the house!

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Nick P said

Whoa! Amazing guitar playing

Guest said

Whew! My hair is moving. Crank it up! ~WG

Guest said

crazy guitar man!!!

Guest said

Jason, do you have a main guitar? Curious as to what it is... Some aeriously fantastic disciplined shredding here. I'll never get there myself, but I appreciate the talent and work to get to that level. Crazy stuff!

Guest said

I feel you take to best of the old shred guitar days, lets say of the late 80's and early 90's when guys still played lead guitar, and do something unique with it. Are you familiar with the old Shrapnel Records label? I forget all those players now... Marty Freidmen, Greg Howe, Ritchie Kotsen? You remind me of those days, and I listened to all that on vinyl only!

Guest said

Wild , dig the squeals.