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by Djörk


Shower To Cleanse Guilt

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I have tried to capture that “stabbing”feeling that comes when someone says, “You were really pissed last night! Do you remember what you did?” And of course you don’t remember! So you don’t know whether you were a dickhead, or an arsehole or a harmless, over the top party goer having a good time. Anyway I hate those realities. This was put together without instrument sounds. I used the sound effects of someone catching jangling keys, a coffee grinder and the sound of a shower and gurgling water going down a drain. Then I chopped them up with Goldwave, modified the payback speed and did other things that I can’t remember, because I was a little under the weather. SMILES!

Guest said

riley hankin

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Ah Yes- I know that feeling! Well done

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done Greg. Have you been on the port again.

Guest said captured that feeling (that I've never had) brilliantly!

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kavin. said

Refreshing, a rush!

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Djörk said

well, i guess we've all been there :) cool track!