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Lullaby for a stranger

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This is like, hmm… like talking to a stranger on a train. First, it’s nothing about, and then suddenly you discover that you’re about to tell your life; or you listen to someone’s story, seemingly intricate or simple (and therefore seemed familiar), and you wonder how we are all similar and dissimilar.

To all the strangers, whom I have met along the way to the knowledge of beauty.

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richardlaceves said

igor,,, there is something about the soul or music from your native land,,, that has always surpassed// amazed my inner self,, that,,, hard to say,,,,,is soooooo beautiful and touching,,, once again well done friend r

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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely gorgeous & so moving. w;-)

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done mate great playing.

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Brett Warren said

Beautiful, pensive yet inquisitive. Love your stuff, sir.

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thetworegs said

I feel i know the stranger a little better now.........

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Nosda Cariad said


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Andrew Russe said

Wonderful music.