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by Djörk


John Barlycorn

Uploaded .

This was my very first attempt at recording , done on two tracks , me picking and vox , AK rhythm , then me adding a harmony vocal , a bit basic but a Traffic song i’ve allways loved

Guest said

Traffic did this ...well a version of ...nice one ...I have always liked Steeleye Spans version but this rivals it as it is,nice job.. Jarvo

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Nice version! Love the harmony vocal. I've always loved this song

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

I like the way you mixed the backups in here. Real polished for 2 tracks.

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James Michael Taylor said

You've got your machinery working well. Like your version of this old song.

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AMUC said

Do you have any tricks you use to get the stereo vocals mixed well? It seems like every time I try, I bungle it up. I'm astounded how well lined-up the vocals on the left and right are. They're timed perfectly to each other.

AMUC's avatar
AMUC said

The stereo vocal effect you use on this track is fantastic. I have a TV set I use for my computer monitor, and the left/right division is very clear, but the two voices mesh nearly perfectly.

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stoman said

VERY nice, kind of a minstrel song - reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel (again). Regards, Steffen

Guest said

Great treatment of a great song. You have very strong vocals. Good one Al

Guest said

Lovely traditional sounding folk song. Beautifully done.

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henwrench said

great stuff, great vocals...

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crackitopen said

wonderful vocals...lovely simple guitar...exquisite

Guest said

Really good for a first.

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boobiemiles said

boobies got your back