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by Djörk


Beatin' The Train

Uploaded .

Feels good to just jam and let loose like the old days.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Sweet, gorgeous, face-eating chops!

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Nick P said


What is this I don't even's avatar
What is this I don't even said

Take that, train!

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Will I Ram said

and beating the desk while I jam out to this

Guest said

This is good. Reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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Wildgeas Music said


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joeldbrodsky18 said

That's what I'm talkin about! No doubt you really did beat the train....whew! I'm outta breath.

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facemask93 said

Excellent jam guys , those guitar tones are awesome

Guest said

Cool jam!

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Just Jane said

Lovin' the energy! x

Guest said


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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah! :) You were made to do this stuff... Now you gotta figure out how to incorporate this into the original songwriting... (don't ask me how - I can't do it either!!! lol)