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Djörk's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Djörk


Vietnam to Vagabond/w MTC

Uploaded .

This is a collab song with MTC. I almost hated adding anything to it cuz the first track he sent me was kickass vintage Jim. It totally changed flavors in the collab process, but still one of my favs

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darkarma said

Good stuff guys.

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vaisvil said


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A Bit More Better Productions said

ruddy brilliant!!! kicking ass indeed

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

These are great collabs you done did do gents! Way to think.outside the box and add all these cool elements.

Guest said

Love this slide playing and song. Very cool.

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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kirklynch said

Wonderful collab there gents!

Guest said

I dig it.

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Wildgeas Music said

Far out. I'm thinkin' 60's protest tune still poignant today. Moving track fellas. Well done.

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Jason Earls said

wow, great collab, so cool!

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Movement To Contact said

I think your additions made the track buddy. And yes....I fav'd all three of these tracks. Still listenting to them in my car.

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thetworegs said

Double Faved ......

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thetworegs said

Love the start....the middle .......and the end......

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Norm said

Totally pro.