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Piano moment 8

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in a cool darkened lounge
floors above the cityscape
quiet laughter, clink of ice in glass
D min looks into the eyes of G min
a quiet romance begins
sometimes the best things in life are quite simple
(lots of rough sound on this,, not sure why, it is just a quick improv, but still,,, any thoughts would be welcome)

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

These are all so gorgeous!

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

What a pro player....very impressive performance.

Guest said

Excellent, your piano moments are great and really remind me of my own 'moments' when I sit down to compose.

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Norm said


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Steve Moyes said

Lovely piece! Pity about the crackly noises, though. I'm really enjoying your Piano Moments, Richard. Looking forward to more.

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Movement To Contact said

As always it evokes emotion. Something about your works always draw me in...I feel you see the music before you play...some inner feeling draws you to the notes you play. I am just stunned...I wish I could play piano like free...not having to worry about where the keys are....your work always amazes me...I am a fan. I thing you and Kavin need to team up on a breaking light feat. Richard side project...his work does the same thing. Have to FAV this one.

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vaisvil said

and a lovely romance it was.

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Djörk said

that's very nice to hear. d minor and g minor are both good friends of mine :)

Guest said

Are you sure they are not the ice in the glass vibrating on top of the piano. Just a thought! Oh, it's gone ..... Well, it was so lovely while it lasted!

Guest said

Ends so suddenly! It's all about the beauty otherwise!

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Reefwalker said

the clink of ice in glass, I think I could muster up a sample of that for you! Beautiful playing RA

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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate

Guest said