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by Djörk


collapsing star

Uploaded .

Witnessing a stellar collapse, and then playing a melancholy tune for it on a Novachord…

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cuthbert said

Thanks, This Caveman's Fire!

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This Caveman's Fire said

soothing and wonderful. I could almost see it.

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cuthbert said

Thank you, Ken!

Guest said

I heard this last year, liked it then, love it now!Awesome!

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cuthbert said

@StopTheNonsense! - thanks for the high praise! Glad you enjoyed the piece, it has a deep personal meaning for me. cheers, cuthbert

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Mischief Of Dean said

<3 I love you! AWESOME!

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facemask93 said

i was taken in with the first few bars , so bloody nice , definitely interstellar music

Guest said

Beautiful as always <3

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Djörk said


Guest said

A mysterious ride through the universe. Each planet has it's own story within you song. As the stars pass, I feel to wonder, why is this so touching? n_n

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Trevor Lewis said

Ambient perfection... creates a story as you listen.

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cuthbert said

Thanks y'all! :) I want to do more with the Novachord...

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oldrottenhead said

gotta love those novachord sounds, very classy cuthbert

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thetworegs said

wonderfully trippy

Guest said

Amazing! Wow!

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cuthbert said

Thanks, all! @the Bright Carvings: no, although Stephen King and I are both Maine residents. :)

Guest said

Well done!!!!

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Al's left hand said

(is your username a dark tower reference or is cuthbert your name or something?) the transition into the non-beat-y section of this feels really familiar, i don't know why. anyhow, it sounds really nice!

Guest said

Wow, great concept, beautifully expressed.

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stoman said

Very nice. Could well be the soundtrack for a documentary film on TV.

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Dave Berry said

Stunning Cuth-man, really good job with this.