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by Djörk


The Opening

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First of my rpm traks,, this year i am going to try to learn a bit about composing for midi orchestra, with that in mind i have began (in jan) to read several books on midi orchestration, orchestration and counterpoint,,, while these will probably all be short, i hope that by the end of the month i will be able to do something for full orchestra,, so here goes #1 which uses violin, viola,cello,countrabass, bass clarinet and trombone,, All comments are will be more than welcome on these, which are almost like my first baby steps into a new musical genre,,oh what fun! my thanks,, rik ps i think headphones bring out the tones best

Guest said

Richard, I have enjoyed every second of your magical journey through midi. It has been utter bliss to hear all of them together. Congratulations on a superb album. Cheers Bee

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Johnny Stone said

These midi tracks are excellent.

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Wildgeas Music said

I've been messing with MIDI for about 3 years now. I find the closer to middle C, the more realistic the instrument sounds. I'd be interested in knowing what software your using here. Sounds excellent.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Back for another listen. This goes well with coffee this morning. I feel like it's the sunrise singing to me.

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informal grae said

loved the eerieness and the clarity of this atmospheric piece. Rather good in fact, Richard. G:)

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Reefwalker said

Great track Richard, cant wait to hear the album!

Guest said

Keep reading and keep experimenting and playing. I'm loving it.

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xenotolerance said


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Greg Connor said

A rich and full sound. Beautiful

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kirklynch said

Wow! First effort? Gorgeous!

Guest said

Ricard, cool adventure... More please

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Nosda Cariad said

For a first attempt, that's rather a success. If this is the ouverture, I'm impatient to hear the next movements.

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another cultural landslide said

Richard - absolutely beautiful! w;-)

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Andrew Russe said

Very nice sounds - looking forward to more.

Guest said

Way cool nice work, tones are awesome.We can do a Floyd style tune together now with the new toys.

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Lalo Oceja said

very good work Richard, I'm sure that you will make awesome music like you always do with this new midi composition style. I wish you the very best!!