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by Djörk


Basketti West (RPM Bonus track)

Uploaded .

Post RPM jammin’. I don’t feel much like cleaning up after RPM. Not yet anyway. I think my little Casio took a beaten and went out of tune. I did this arrangement with just the Casio, guitars and
harmonica, hence the annoying piano and strings.
Fingered percussion ala Casio as well.
The slide guitar is my ever faithful Zippo lighter.

This is based on the music box(watch) shoot out scene from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly when Clint Eastwood is ready to shoot it out with Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach.
Many of you can tell, I get a lot of influence from these old flicks in some of my songs.
I just love the old Italian western movies. One of
these days I’m going to hit this spaghetti western thing right in the nose and get something good.
For now though, this was fun, and pretty cool.

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Djörk said

by the way i immediately thought of that music box motif in the movie soundtrack even before I read your description. nice job!

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Djörk said

can definitely hear a little ennio morricone in here :)

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

oh, i think i could have a good time mixing with this one W.G. great as is, inspiring.

Guest said

Love this.

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alexisfromtexas said

I like your chill stuff, guy...especially the way this one drew me in gently and then steadily carried me through.

albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen)'s avatar
albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen) said

He he...I totally love this! My daughter used to say Basketti too! Music to eat by!

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Cave Street said

Great soundtrack music! This mix is great!

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Gumbo said

Huh? What? Oh! Sorry i must have spaced off .. -clicks play-

Guest said

Very nice tune!!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate cool track.

Guest said

Very nice!

Guest said

I like it. Nice atmosphere. I like the western sounds. I tell ya. I am completely surrounded by a lot of really talented people.

Guest said

I like it. Nice atmosphere. I like the western sounds. I tell ya. I am completely surrounded by a lot of really talented people.

Guest said

Real purdy pard.

Guest said

nice tune, good spin to it.

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kirklynch said

You nailed that one man! great stuff! I gotta see that movie again

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yelyah said

Dig the western feel of this one. Gonna have to see the movie again to get the full effect!

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sixmilewide said

Great stuff Geas, I knew there was a bit of spaghetti western in you.

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launched said

I dug this to the point where I might be in China by now!! Great harp and slide.

Guest said

Wowie Zowie!!! I need to watch that again real soon. This tune does that scene all the justice imaginable. Nice zippo slides.

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Definitely nailed the spaghetti western theme! Doesn't sound like it needs a bunch of cleanup. In fact, its pretty awesome as-is!

Guest said

Darn, JS is always first. Sparkly, twinkly and yes, I get the music box reference! Very clever!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Love That Harp!!!! Superb

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is Very Well Done!

Guest said

Its got an epic sound man. Awesome!

Guest said

now thats some kickin bass!

Guest said