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by Djörk


Empty Handed 24h

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13 minutes! Fail! I recommend you augment your self a bit (with a glass or three of red wine or whatever floats your boat) and dim the lights, lay on the floor with your eyes closed where you can feel the bass rumble and get ready to be my passenger for a 13 minutes ride in the back of a blue bus.

Guest said

Stopping by to listen for the morning~ All of your music is awesome as always!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Excellent track mate. Great Acoustic intro reminds me of space oddity. This is one top cool track mate. Yeah this is favd.

Guest said

13 minutes of mystical awesomeness! WIN!

Guest said

Wow those breaks are awesome! this travels to the unknown!

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Movement To Contact said

No worries man, i've been off working on my next cd. Between that and work i've not had much time to jump on A.T. Glad you liked it! It will be a while before i do another 24. :)

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Norm said

Great fun. Love the carnival sounds at the end.

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Rick Phillips said

Already faved and only at 6:25! from feedback guitar to now piano, beautiful colors on this piece!

Guest said

Feelin' like gettin' up and dancin'...drums are rockin'!

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Movement To Contact said

Got the 24 hr challenge done 19 hours in i needed more work, hiss here and there...but it is what it is. ;)Used the bass preamp liked we talked about, it did make a WORLD of difference. Thanks for the tip!

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xenotolerance said

Too much gorgeousness to take in right now. I will have to get this into my car and take it to the mountains.

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Movement To Contact said

It just gets better and better ;)

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Memoir said

Thank you all for the kind comments!! It was a lot of fun to make!

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Tim Bond said

Really eclectic mix of sounds, lovely!

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launched said

Been listening to this all day - Far out!

Guest said

Wow~What an awesome journey that was... You are truly amazing! xo CallieMom

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kirklynch said

Epic! Nice Ride!

Guest said

Damn, too early even for me. A cup of tea, I think! Grabs the attention from the "off" and keeps it there. I like the change at around 6 mins and love the vocals at 7 which are very different. Oh here comes the percussion, this is not fail, this is success! Love the band at the end. Bethan

Guest said

13 minutes of mystical awesomeness! WIN! Tess

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Breaking Light said

This is awesome! Augmented with good tequila...