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Riptide (performed by my littlest girl)

Uploaded .

Ukulele and vocals performed by Jazz, 12.

She’s starting to write her own stuff (proud!) but just to get her in the studio for the first time, here is a cover of a song by Vance Joy.

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Norm said

Big things in your future, Jazz. I love it. Thanks.

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Just Jane said

Beautiful :)

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Colleen Dillon said

This is just delightful! What a beautiful and talented family indeed!!

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Nemo Marxism said

Even better 2nd time around. (1st time as a guest)

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Nick P said


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thetworegs said

Bravo jazz beautifully performed

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Reefwalker said

ahhhh, what??? I love this! Jazz, I love it!!

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Geoffrey Armes said

Lovely. Genuine talent.

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Movement To Contact said


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vaisvil said

great performance!

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Bethan Mathis said

Brilliant delivery Jazzy.

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kavin. said


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The Proods said

Amazing!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Not enough caps, nor enough exclamation points!

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Aged Machine said


Guest said

Your girl has a beautiful sweet voice. Love it. -wrinkled shirt

Guest said

A new star is born! Well done!

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willis said

Wow, is that just completely delightful! Honestly, I much prefer over the original!

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Andrew Russe said

Wow. That's mightily cool.

Guest said

That's just lush! Go Jazz!

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slkrell said

oh my so good more please this is good , I would know

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igor said

Oh, for a year now they all turn green of this song. Me too :)) But look, no lump - you're sing the words right! 🙃

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Mac McIntyre said

You've passed on the talent genes for sure :) Good job!

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Bethan Mathis said

Oh Jazzy! If this is your first recording, you will be a super star. Great Uke playing ! Lovely clear and confident recording. Very proud of you. Love, Nanny and Grandad x