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Djörk's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Djörk


Jah Zengeas

Uploaded .

Mr. Wildgeas added some drums, strings and sea sounds to my very raw loop piece. Thanks man!

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kirklynch said

How Cool! Nice collab gents!

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corbinSound said


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thetworegs said

found some great music on Wildgeas Celebrates alone tone this being one of them........

Guest said

Wooh, super cool guys!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

works well both

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Mr Sandbags said

Really cool. Geas is right, but you gotta play the UK!!

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Djörk said

hey yeah, i like that. drums, strings and sea sounds add a little extra flavor. nice collab :)

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Wildgeas Music said

I had a lot of fun jammin' on this tune. Now I want to see the live show :)

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Movement To Contact said

Cool additions to a great track. :)