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Nobody Home (Pink Floyd cover)

Uploaded .

This one’s for Johnny, who encouraged me to record this country-ish version, it’s one-take, warts and all.

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facemask93 said

Hey this is excellent , love your guitar Kavin , and mate , you can sing ,

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Reefwalker said

geeeze I almost missed this one. Love this tune. "dig it mate"

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kavin. said

added a video.

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fallingupart said

Nice recasting of the classic. Have you heard of Luther Wright & the Wrongs? They have a complete country & bluegrass cover of PF's The Wall album. Pretty crazy stuff.

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near death euphoria said

Awesome!!! Great cover of my 2nd favorite Pink Floyd song!

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Djörk said

nice country version :) i just kind of wish you hadn't said 'manure'

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epimeison said

Awsome Kavin, lovely!!

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Rick Phillips said

Excellent Kavin!

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richardlaceves said

well done,, myself being suddenly on the road my self,, i find this fits real good well played

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thetworegs said


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Norm said

Very clever!

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Mr Sandbags said

Nicely done. Very much so.

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kirklynch said

Cool! That's a Floyd tune that I'm not familiar with. Have to go check it out

Guest said


Guest said

Aw, a fitting tribute! Great cover, K!

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Movement To Contact said

Hey would be proud, perfect.

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Orphans said

way cool - i dig it

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Dirty Spirits said


Guest said

...Johnny is sitting up there on a cloud listening to this and smiling...great!