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by Djörk


Hood River

Uploaded .

2010 24 hour challenge. Record a 24 minute song in less then 24 hours.

Work has been so crazy music has been taking a back seat. I might have to try this concept again to get anything done on the creative side of things. :)

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thetworegs said

Now that was a trip made washing up after dinner go by in a breeze ....thank!

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Norm said

Epic, indeed!

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FDR said

Epic stuff,lovin it!

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kirklynch said

Morning coffee, a smoke and MTC. Life is good!

Guest said

Ohhh, this is good

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Endicott Road said

Love the guitar and bass work on this song. I don't think I stay on the same theme or stay on task for 24 minutes. Good job on this. ER

Guest said

Yeah man! Straight to hell! Fantastic, well done!

Guest said

Oh nice change at 19 mins!

Guest said

OMG! Take me Down! Fantastic! I have to download this lot, if I can work out how to do it! Bethan

Guest said

Punchy, vigorous and exciting! A truly thrilling listen! Oh Yeah! Jolly well done! And I have new "Beats", sounds great! Bethan

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another cultural landslide said

2 min in & *click* fave! WOW!

Guest said

i remember this one...

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Nosda Cariad said

Hats off to you if you composed, performed and arranged this piece in 24 hrs!. Some transitions might be a little iffy (03:29 for instance) but the whole track is really good, and while varying a lot, it stays consistent all the way; some parts are kicking serious butt (06:10+). And the whole composition is simply excellent. Probably one of my faves of all the pieces you've posted on here. Bravo! Fav'd & Dl'd.