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Today I decided I would play with the lovely (and free) Pocket Blakus solo cello.

At first I tried arpeggiating some chords but this didn’t work so well with this cello which has a long, heavy, sound that is not so conducive to fast movement.

So I started playing it on my keyboard, just allowing some long notes to trail off with a decent bit of reverb and I thought it sounded good.

This kind of long, droning, sound felt like a good opportunity to bust out TimeFreezer and to try out Boscomac’s Freezbee.

In the end I ended up using both effects to create different kinds of interlocking and overlapping drones. I controlled them during recording using a Lemur template that I built with controls for both effects.

There’s also liberal doses of Valhalla Room and Shimmer as well as Pro-C and Vintage Warmer 2.

Although it’s a rather off the cuff, “in an evening”, production I’ve listened to it several times now, while tweaking the automation, and I’m pretty happy with the end result.

I think I’m going to do more along this line as I love that cello sound so much.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah, gorgeous cello sound.

the bearded men stood up and left the room.'s avatar

I too love that cello sound. nice track.

Guest said

Love the cello. Interesting sample and treatment.