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Keith Landry's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Keith Landry


All I Know

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I’ve spent so long making tweaks to this song I’ve forgotten how to play it.

Guest said

Ah, I didn't know this song was on this album... This is my all-time fave CG track. Just love it!

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strummindude said

That's a funny observation that I can really relate to! :) Nice melody on this one.

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Keith Landry said

Damn, Colin. This album really is outstanding... With respect to your commentary on this song, I have my share of re-tweaked songs that I am now utterly unable to play as well... But none of them are this good.

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prog54 said

Great harmonica, great voice. Catchy melody. Great song sounds like a classic.

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J dY Stamp said


Guest said

A new version of one of my absolute fave CG songs! Wonderful! *sings along*