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by Keith Landry


To Be Alone

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This is a new song that was written and performed with my friend Tim de Graauw. One evening we sat down for about 2 hours, hashed out ideas, got the creative juices flowin, played some G tar aaand out of that came this song.
This is just a rough live recording and I hope you all enjoy it.

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facemask93 said

A couple of hours well spent guys , superb vox & guitars

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simianitch said

You're an amazing musician. Keep it up!

Guest said

So fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

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Guest said

It's like Jason Marz mixed with Damien Rice, only better.

Guest said

wow corbin .. love the song bro :) (its carlos)

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Keith Landry said

How did this one slip under my radar? Love the stripped-down nature with the tempo change and spot-on harmonies. Damn.

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evilstreetcars said

Great song,great vocals!

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rinyville said

Love the guitars on this one! Great song and great harmonies!

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another cultural landslide said

Excellent track! Soulful vocal! w;-)

Guest said

Your song is fantastic ! two great voices !! congratulationes

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you are my favorite bean pole

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I like it.

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Great improv jam.

Guest said

Corbin, Awesome. Sending this to a few friends in Vancouver radio and he Music biz.