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by Keith Landry


Sunday Morning Music

Uploaded .

The title track to the new album. Turn it up. Listen all the way through and there’s some ear candy at the end for you. ;)

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Keith Landry said

...I may need to cover this track someday. So friggin good. Maybe your strongest vocals ever.

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Keith Landry said

Such a gem, this track. Crazy good opening riff. Every time I hear this, I wish I'd written it... And I sure as hell wished I'd sung it.

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Rog Hildreth said

Yes! Some excellent tunes on this playlist.

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mikey45011 said

wow this is nice ral mice diggin

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Cool, great guitar sound (Velvet Underground?), and what a tune, fantastic :)

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Johnny Stone said

This is a top track mate.

Guest said

There's ear candy all the way through!

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Endicott Road said

This is the first song I am playing on my new refurbished laptop. Very good song, sir. ER

Guest said

You're tonight's dinner music. :) (Thank you in advance!)

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richardlaceves said

and yes a very strong finish!!

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richardlaceves said

most excellent Mr. Fox!! ive missed hearing you and hearing from you,, R

Guest said

So goooood!!

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thetworegs said

love the vocal great track

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A Bit More Better Productions said

gary i hadnt read your profile before. i hadnt realised entirely that you were a fellow complete and total maniac. i applaud your rainbow. may we always. great openner

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Keith Landry said

Well, after my conversation (if you could call it that) with my Seagull Mini-Jumbo, I started playing THIS song... So now my guitar has filed for legal separation. I guess it never realized what true musicianship was all this time. It actually had the nerve to ask for Gary's email to see if he'd be at the Listening Party in Portsmouth (as if it thinks I'll still bring it along to meet Gary face-to-fretboard).

Guest said

Just Great! So dig the horns and strings at the end!!

Guest said

Caught myself humming the chorus again and again, this has hit quality

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Andrew Russe said

Wow! John, Paul, and George with Young/Young/Williams/Rudd backing them... I can't think of a better combination for me to listen to. The chorus is just sublime. And George Martin at the controls... lol (just reached the end). Almost perfect Gary - LOVE IT!!

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Gumbo said

OK i geddit. Those vocals - there is a place in my heart that loves them before they even start. It must be 3 or 4 bands rolled into one but they are hitting the spot. The Beatles/Cream/Status Quo and The Carpenters all in the same throat! Magical!

Guest said

This whole piece is ear candy

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Greeny (Outta Here) said

Loved it when those big, fuzzy chords kicked in. Great vocal (and vocal range...). This is a top quality song and performance. You have a great brand of melodic rock.

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thetworegs said

Great sound and vocal a blinding starter....

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stoman said

Great music with a wonderfully authentic 70s vibe to it!

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another cultural landslide said

This has to be one of the BEST GF tracks EVER! You got me struttin' around the room! EXCELLENT sir! w;-)

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Orphans said

this is a great tune - the vibe is right there...

Guest said

your to talented and gifted to just record once a year!! but? my ears are glad you do :-)

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Endicott Road said

Another quality album from you. Well done. ER

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Keith Landry said

Ridiculously good track. Good to have more stuff from Gary up on alonetone... Now I need to go back and listen to some of the old stuff, too.

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Dirty Spirits said

what a kick ass start to your rpm.

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Dave Berry said

Bloody hell man, this is really good isn't it. It does just what the write-up on the box says....don't get that everyday....seriously good.