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W/M by OsCKilO


Labyrinthine Life Fills the way
Time in a Bottle
Fast go the Seconds, Into Days,
Till the Time we wake up wide….
The Walls they hold us back
From the Brink of statute deep,
Scribed with cheques and measures.
Check! Quick ! The right becomes a left….

Written by the blind ones, quick to draw,
Holding swords against your neck.
Bleed the ink dry from your veins.
Made to choke on what is left.

Take the Bull down by the Horns.
Track the beast down in the maze.
Slay it quick from shards of glass,
From the mirror where it stays.

Dont look now or you may see it.
The Fire planted in your eyes.
Grown from seeds in days gone by.
Trust the feeling deep inside.

Misunderstood or Understand it.
Stature fakes those dizzy highs.
And while the group takes pride divided
The prize a status where they lie.

Guest said

Love your lyric here Tharek! Wonderful stuff! The music is perfect!

Guest said

Fantastic song-writing! (Love your accent here.)

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

T, Just getting over to listen to some of this good new stuff... Love the new direction of the arrangements. It's always so worthwhile to expand our musical horizons... And this expansion is definitely a good one. Keith

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kirklynch said

Wow! Very nice work!

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thetworegs said

love it......