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by Keith Landry


Red String

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A love song about fate.

Tim - guitar and vocal.

Before I knew you I felt the gravity
Something beyond control I knew was pulling me
Binding us together in ways I couldn’t see
And i would come to know there was only you for me (you for me)

There’s a red string of fate between you and me
It tells me what we’ve always known would be
You know that you were meant for me
You always have, you see

Some find it when when they’re young
Others wait till they are old to hear what they were told
And they see they’re intertwined by a tie that binds
two that are one


From near or from far it’s still the same
It remains
The chord it may stretch but it won’t break
it stays the same for you and me

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MemphisMaiden said

really love this song........

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Keith Landry said

Awaiting the all Letter Seventeen all-acoustic singer/songwriter album.