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by Keith Landry


Song For A Friend (Remix)

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I sent the tracks for this tune to a friend of mine who owns a professional studio. I gave him no instructions on how to mix it, as I wanted someone else’s take on the music. He created a very dry, intimate mix, focusing more on the acoustic guitars, much less on the strings. Each individual track was a first take, and I was writing the song as I recorded it, so it’s a bit raw around the edges. I tend to bury my mistakes with strings and effects and his mix really exposes the flaws in my playing. However, I think the overall emotion and mood of the piece is much stronger. I’m once strove to be a perfectionist, now I’m just trying to let it go. Hmm, I will fix that fade out, though, eventually…

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Keith Landry said

Oh, and this is just amazing.

Guest said

Have played this over and over! I especially like this one! Song For A Friend! You have gained one with this. Thanks, Doug!

Guest said

this would have fit well earlier tonight when I was floating in the pool on my back. Looking up at the stars. IF I coulda heard it with my head underwater. heh. ..oops AND friend. Beautiful work from Mr. Doug Sparkling. ...not a typo.

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Norm said

Simply beautiful. Thanks.

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corbinSound said

beautiful chord progression

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richardlaceves said

wow,, wonderful,,, playing,feeling,composing, thank you

Guest said

Just as totally gorgeous as the first one.

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sixmilewide said

jist beautifull, love it.

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kavin. said

Wonderful remix, I like the guitars up front on this one. An alonetone guitar favorite, for me.

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another cultural landslide said

Oh Doug - this is just SOOOO beautiful!

Guest said

Beautiful... Great playing too. Love it!

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kirklynch said

Even better the second time around!

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Johnny Stone said

This is great beautiful guitar.

Guest said

Wow, so beautiful.