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I Was Born

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“I Was Born”
Lyrics and Music by Daniel Parkhill

Greetings to my only friend, sacrifical lamb.
Ask me where my mind has been, ask me where I stand.
Guess it isn’t real, guess it doesn’t matter much.
Ash to ash and dust to dust, etcetera and such.

I was never born a quitter, I was asked to be that way.
Asked to stand, I won’t deliver, I just sift through the decay.
Ten million lies, united, is a room of mingling.
Cut them into slices, divided, I was born unrelenting.

Where is my initiative, tell me what’s it for?
I am waiting for my time, I am at the door.
I know that it’s real, I am close enough to touch.
But it’s ash to ash, dust to dust, etcetera and such.


SOLO - Daniel Parkhill


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Keith Landry said

Great opening track... Faved at 0:12!