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Dusty Trail

Uploaded .

Maybe I missed a career scoring for no budget spaghetti westerns, because this is what this reminds me of. Done live a couple weeks ago with the Taylor and a floor full of toys and loopers.

Guest said

if you email me a Wav file, I can sing some background vocals to this that would invoke the great feeling. My email is

Guest said

this has a profound sound....

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Funky Geezer Show said

Really Sweet !

Guest said

Really enjoyed this piece.. the guitar part is so good..

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Dave Berry said

Now this is nice.....real nice.......nice it too "nice" a word for this wonderful sound you have conjured here.....mega-nice. Most looper jams leave me cold, but this is real good, just the way I like it.

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Anton said

Loved it. I like overall spontaneous and improvised, live feeling of your music.

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kauaikta said

Yep, thanks for the movie!

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igor said

Maybe a career, or a time... "Two hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. We're going to have to earn it." (as Blondie write it on a rock in the middle of the graveyard and as well as tells it to Tuco and Angel Eyes)

Guest said

Love this!

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Fiddlin' Michael Springer said

Like it lots!

Guest said

Kirk...come back.

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surmised said

Love it! Beautiful piece

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richardlaceves said

i don't think yove missed anything at all,,,you seem to be right where you need to be,, very fine lota depth here loops and all

Guest said

Agree - it's a score tune - and not just spaghetti westerns (whatever the heck that is). Luv the backwards delay.

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Lucas Hartwell said

Every time I hear that guitar first come in, it's so sweet. Kudos, friend.

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andrewdavis said

Great tone, very full sounding! Did you mic an amp, or was this straight into a computer?

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Ben Niven said

Nice! In terms of textures and space, it's a little like some of Bill Frisell's work. The foreground guitar has a nice, natural, non-piezo-acoustic-electric sound that is appealing.

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GONeil said

Very nice guitar work here , this one sure takes on a real cool trip into the sounds my Friend, "G"

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Tim Bond said


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igor said

Piece, full of fading lights. Is an ambient blues.

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Magic Alex said

I'm digging this. Reminds me a bit of the Valley Of the Giants album "Westworld". The backwards guitar is awesome. Was that done in post or was it all live with a pedal? If it's the latter which pedal did you use?

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epimeison said

Amazingly beautiful piece, Kirk..!!!

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epimeison said

Instantly faved!

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lucidlucille said

I'd have you score my crazy campy psychedelic westerns. Well, if I had any. Diggin the reverse guitars and overall atmosphere.

Guest said

very esoteric!certainty feels like walking on a trail in solitude

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Roger M. Harris said

That's basically..... WOW

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trevroberts1 said

Really nice clean sound your getting Im impressed !!!!

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Excellent. Dreamy space cowboy star dusty trail.

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CMOR said

This is the first music to tickle my eardrums this morning... I am lucky to be enjoying this sultry spectrum of sound...

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Nick P said

Nice feel to it.... :)


vey nice ¡¡

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Mike Grunert said

Very nice, some cool sounds but no more conspiring with aliens to steal beer.

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thetworegs said


Guest said

great harmony

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Keith Landry said

Oh, this is just silly good.

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facemask93 said

nice track , good use of a looper , & some nice sounds

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02bfree said

Nicely crafted.

Guest said

Well I counted 17 floored, oh no, I forgot me, 18! How very beautiful Kirk.

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FDR said

Nice,very nice,very very nice!

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xenotolerance said

immediately I think, oh yes this will be good and it was!

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Rick Phillips said

This will be looping in my head all day! Awesome Kirk!

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mmi said

Wow, showing the johnny-come-latelies (me) how it's really done. Incredible.

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Movement To Contact said

Fav'd and saved

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Movement To Contact said

Outstanding acoustic work. Love it.

Guest said

Taylor sounds cool with effects.

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kavin. said

Very cool, Kirk. More of that!

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SatriaDamarjati said

that echoes on R.. amazing..

Guest said

Soothing and beautiful!

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josephbrown said

love this man i always want to get my guitar to sing like this lovely leads in this

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Tipu said


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GONeil said

Very nice connection to the sounds, This song takes one on a very cool journey into ones inner self. "G"

Guest said


Guest said

wicked....delay and reverb ?....oh just seen "loopers" in the intro.....very nice .......

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Nice, very atmospheric.

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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely beautiful! w;-)

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Dirty Spirits said

this one went fast . full of live life, yet so smooth and clean.

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Djörk said

Wow! Beautiful work!

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Jason Earls said

wonderful note choices, a beautiful piece!

Guest said

Feels like watching the early morning tide - very gorgeous!

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dougsparling said


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These Metal Days said

Clint vs. Lee Van Cleef in the distance